The New Craigslist Intrerracial Dating Personals App

The world is a huge place where billions of people are living in. Then all those people desire love, being important to someone and having special feelings.

Within worldwide is not an easy task to get noticeable. Some people have problems finding someone special in their local area, local neighbor or the same country. Those people are willing to try international dating. If it’s out of curiosity? Maybe yes. Is it a kind o desperate act? For sure NO.

No one ever said that finding a perfect mate would be easy, but due to fast-growing Internet dating communities, lots of singles across the world are easy to reach in very few minutes.

Thanks to mobile devices and location-based apps the world has become an easy to reach playground for single hearts.

Mixy app is a very unique place where like-minded singles across the world can find soulmates and lifetime partners not only in other countries but also within a different race.

Long-distance relationships and mixing races together are no longer taboo topics. Many people are crossing borders, traveling, expanding interests, hobbies and meeting different people. It’s not a surprise that many of them end up in relationships and deep relations with people located on the other side of the globe.

For sure MANY of you dreamt about having an affair with a person with different cultural background, language and place of birth. Words “International”, “Interracial” and “Long distance” are not a black magic for you? Then you have to become a part of our Mixy community.

Mixy app gives this idea to another, higher level, giving you a chance to meet up singles across the world who are willing to try a relationship, love and romance with someone who is “different” and “Unique”.

If you like the idea of browsing for a potential playmate or boyfriend/girlfriend, you will be amused by the special features we had to prepare in MIXY. There are multiple searching categories like Black Dating, White Dating, Muslim Dating, Indian Dating, Latino Dating,  Biracial Dating and many more. Browsing for a match isn’t based on randomness but your criteria and personality. Mixy application will collect your browsing data to propose the best matches and get in touch with them. Discover outstanding profiles on daily basis, add your personal ads and pin them to the top to gather more attention.

Download MIXY application now and become a part of international love scene.

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