A few complex requirements

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I'm complicated are you ready? Seeking long-term, NO HOOKUPS. I'm a romantic extrovert, a busy body, I like going OUT with my mate and being involved in several scenes and communities from Fine Arts to multi-cultural events to preferred Leather/kink lifestyle scene events. You don't have to participate in all MY stuff, but be accepting and know that I will and won't change. I have slimmed down my social calendar but it won't come to a stop if I meet a nice guy so get ready to have some experiences if we connect. Definite ENFJ Personality. I CANNOT date another couch-potato homebody, I'm busy living and need a sidekick. Looking for a mate who I can be a goofball with and witness each others lives. I am a 5'8 Big bodied babe slimming down after WLS in 9/22. Size 10 is my goal .I wear several hats (and hair :) in work and play and have different looks but deep down I am just a chill person. Sweats, leather or lady in dress and pearls, I'm always poised and classy. NO DRAMA, NO baggage! I am politcal and follow current world events. I have absolutely NO place in my life for a close-minded, super-conservative or Trump supporter so bypass me if that is how you lean. I am in my 26th year of a career that I love, a mom of a grown son, grandmimi, community servant, goofy, funny lady. Holding hands, roughhousing, snuggling, laughing are for me My ideal guy is very open minded, adaptable, adventurous, trustworthy, fun, kind, respectful, responsible, optimistic, a non cigarette smoker, extroverted, not a jealous type, accepting of My Leather Family and friends. **If you are the type that is judgemental, homophobic, transphobic, rude to someone serving you, hood/ghetto/thuggish, bad/gold-teeth having, or the kind who does not tip servers, please do NOT contact me.** I PREFER intelligent, funny laid back GENTLEMEN who can hold a conversation and laugh at life. Ladies, if we connect we can see how things flow, I like giggles and fun but I lean heteroromantic.

Lancaster 2022-11-17 00:22:23
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