I'm simply beautiful inside out. He who finds me, finds a priceless ♥️

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After 5 productive and beautiful years of abstaining from relationships, I'm ready and I'll love to meet a good man who knows what love truly means, a man who is open-minded sexually in bed especially when he is very KINKY(I want to explore every sexual side of you), a man who knows how to love and take good care of his woman, one who loves God, one who is matured, kind-hearted, diligent, honest, supportive and good looking. I'm not looking for hookups, or time wasting conversations... I'm looking for a long term relationship that would lead to a beautiful marriage. So please, if your goals are not in tune with my goals, just don't bother and give room for THAT SPECIAL ONE I want to give my all to. My core values in a relationship are Love, Trust, Respect, Support, Understanding and Compromise/Sacrifice. I'm looking forward to building my dreams with a good man with vision who knows and recognizes a good woman with Huge dreams when he sights one. I'm looking to love and be loved by HIM. I'm looking for True Love, Happiness and Peace of mind, My Bestie! My Abraham!❤️

Lagos 2022-11-21 02:21:25
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